Gujarati Arya Association London ESTABLISHED IN 1971


Join Our Membership

We want young and dynamic executive committee to run our organisation attracting more youths to participate in the events organised by GAA London.

Join Our Mailing List

Organise more activities for our seniors and form a regular meeting place at our hall especially for the ones who are living on their own. Form a youth-elder connection to visit and regularly communicate with our lone elders.

Promote Hindu Culture & Religion

Hold religious functions – Navratri, Bhajans, celebrate Diwali and Hindu new year.

Extend Our Network Outside Our Community

Make contacts and unite with all similar organisations in Greater London and United Kingdom in general to develop and promote good communication and good relations between persons of different ethnic groups. To help external charities both in UK and abroad by raising funds for their good causes.

Provide Help Within Our Community

Provide education classes, promote sports and encourage students by giving them bursaries.

Kenton Hall

Pay off our mortgage and expand Kenton Hall, be financially secure and in future to buy freehold on Kenton Hall. Employ a full-time caretaker for the Kenton Hall.